Solid fuel boilers Teplo

Solid fuel boilers are designed for installation in water heating systems of residential buildings, institutions and enterprises. The principle of operation consists in a solid fuel boiler is that the heating of the heat carrier - the water produced by the combustion of fuel: wood, coal, briquettes, pilets in the furnace. The main advantage of solid fuel boilers is considered to ease of installation and operation, durability, as well as low cost solid fuel. The boilers of the brand «Teplo» firebox and grate made of heat-resistant steel, which makes them more resistant to temperature changes. Grid-irons are filled with water, which significantly extends their life. For more efficient operation of the boiler equipped with temperature control equipment and adjustment of the combustion process in automatic mode. Lineup produced boilers from 15 to 95 kW. The warranty period of 2 years.

Description of the boiler

1 - Nipple discharge of combustion products;
2 - combustion chamber;
3 - Intake vents;
4 - Boiler return water supply;
5 - Ashtray;
6 - the grate;
7 - Doors ash;
8 - grate-door service;
9 - Doors ties;
10 - screed;
11 - Anchor compound;
12 - The flue;
13 - Socket direct water supply;
14 - Insulation
15 - Gate
16 - The air supply fan