Dredge MZ-800


Dredge MZ-800   Dredge MZ-800


Dredge MZ-800 - nonpropelled, with hydraulic cutter-head. It is designed for underwater mining and ground of I-III category of complexity, extraction of different materials and their transportation as slurry.

Dredge can be used for rivers and other water pond cleaning from slit, dam, beaches, roads alleviation.

Basic technical specifications and characteristics of the dredge МZ-800:

Body type   pontoon
Number of pontoons, pcs   4
Actuating mechanism drive   hydraulic
Body length, m   11,5
Maximum length, m   19,5
Width, m   5,1
Hull height, m   1,2
Overall height, m   2,6
Mining depth, m   1-10
Draft, m   0,6
Dredging pump   ГрУ 800-40
Efficiency m?/hour
Water   800
Slurry   160
Sand   48
Head, m   40
Total weight, t   24
Potential type of motor:
Electrical   Diesel(ЯМЗ 238)
El. Motor power   Generator
200 kW   55 kW